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ME36 SAP tcode for – Display Agreement Supplement (IR) Supplier selection is an important process in the procurement cycle. Suppliers can be selected through the offer process. After pre-selecting a supplier, an organization enters into an agreement with that particular supplier to deliver certain items under certain conditions. When an agreement is concluded, a formal contract is usually signed with the supplier. A framework contract is therefore a long-term sales contract with a supplier. − I have established a delivery plan. if I have the delivery plan n° in the PO in “Framework Agreement”. The error message is displayed, i.e. a long-term framework contract between a supplier and a customer for a predefined hardware or service over a period of time. There are two types of contracts – If you want to view a delivery plan, use the code ME33L Step 2 – Indicate the number of the delivery plan.

Step 4 – Indicate the delivery date and target quantity. Click Save. For the delivery plan, classifications are now maintained. Trail 4Logistics → production → DRP → environment → delivery plan → Announcement A delivery plan is a long-term framework contract between the supplier and the customer for predefined material or service purchased on predefined dates over a period of time. A delivery plan can be established in two ways – SAP code ME83 for – Remove delivery plan authorizations A framework contract is a long-term purchase contract with a supplier that contains conditions for the material to be delivered by the supplier. The terms of a framework contract apply up to a specified period and cover a certain quantity or predefined value. The main points to consider in the context of a framework agreement are: Step 2 – Indicate the name of the supplier, the type of contract, the purchasing organization, the purchasing group and the factory as well as the date of the agreement. A framework agreement can consist of the following two types:. ME91F Purch Orders: Pressing/Warnings ME87 Aggregate PO History MI34 – Batch Input: Enter Count MI35 – Batch Input: Post Zero Stock Bal Quantity Contract – This type of contract indicates the total value in relation to the total quantity of material to be delivered by the supplier. ME15 – Flag Purchase Information Rec. for Deletion ME06 – Analyze Source List Standard Analysis ME6H: Ven Evaluation ME6Z Transport Vendor Evaluation Tables All transactional codes are stored in the TSTC table. Transactional codes for the MM module start with M.

. ME55 Collective release of the purchase Req. ME54N Liberation purchase request. ME84 Generation of SA Releases ME84A Individual Display of SA Rules ME 85 MEKJ Billing Terms Part MEKK Conditions for Vendor Sub-Range ME65 Evaluation Lists ME6A Supplier Evaluation Changes Here we would like to draw attention to the transactional code ME33L in SAP. As we know, it is used in the SAP MM-PUR component (purchase in MM) included in the MM module (materials management). ME33L is a transactional code used to display delivery plans in SAP. It`s under the ME package. When we run this transactional code, SAPMM06E is the normal STANDARD standard program running in the background. ME35 Release Framework Agreement ME3A Transmit. Release Doc Record MEKL Price change: Planning Agmts MEKLE Currency change: SA. ME308 Create contracts with conditions send a ME31K contract.

MEK1 Conditions of purchase (purchase) MEK2 Conditions of change (purchase) ME5A – PR: List display ME5J – Purch requirements for project MEK3 Conditions of display (purchase) MEK31 Maintenance of the state: modification MI31 – Batch input: Create Phys. Inv. Doc. MI32 – Batch Input: Blockmaterial ME2K-Purchase. . . .

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