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When selling a business, all shares, liabilities, profit and loss accounts, tax returns, property rights and other information of the company are audited. The seller must therefore provide the information. A business is any activity that you perform regularly for the purpose of making a profit. The purchase price to be paid by the buyer to the seller can be divided between good, investments and stocks. The distribution of the purchase price between these assets of the company can have different tax consequences and therefore allows the seller and the buyer to have recourse to accounting, tax or financial advice. As a general rule, the sale of a business is not subject to GST. This article will help you understand how buying or selling a business should work. There are only a few steps before buying or selling a business. These steps give you a good idea of what to do before you actually start the process. Buyers and sellers do not have to be the same parties to each agreement for it to be the same agreement. When you buy a business, you are one of the assets that are not responsible for the transfer tax: you must pay the tax on the transfer of these assets if your agreement replaces an agreement concluded before July 1, 2016 for the same business property and assets. In the event that the sale and purchase of the business includes the purchase of real estate or the takeover of a rental agreement by the buyer, we advise you to seek legal advice. We advise you to use tax, accounting or legal advice to ensure that the transaction is the most tax efficient.

The buyer of a business must be able to actually prove that the buyer can afford to buy the business by providing financing, lines of credit, and/or cash positions. The purpose of the declaration of intent is to embody in writing all the conditions agreed from the date of the procedure, so that the party cannot say that there will be a misunderstanding during the oral discussion of the terms and conditions of the contract of purchase or sale. The process of buying or selling a business can be a challenge if you don`t have proper engagement in business….

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