B.c. Rental Agreement Rent Increase

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A landlord can increase the rent each year up to the percentage corresponding to the inflation rate (but not higher). What does that mean? Visit the Residential Tenancy Branch (RTB) website to determine the percentage of rent increase allowed for each calendar year. It changes every year. If the landlord calculates an amount greater than the authorized percentage, even if it is only a few cents more, you will not have to pay the excess rent unless you have received an order from a dispute resolution officer allowing this rent increase. 3. The manager may take any action necessary to give effect to the rights, obligations and prohibitions provided for in this Act, including an order to enforce that Act, the regulations or leases by a lessor or a lease agreement, and an order for the application of this Act. B.C. The rental right sets limits for annual rent increases. 54 (1) A lessee who has entered into a lease agreement with a lessor may apply, by way of a dispute resolution application, for an order for possession of the rental unit. . .


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