Assembly Service Agreement

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This is the place. We are a U.S.-based company that offers advantages in outsourced manufacturing assembly and outsourced production assembly. Your components are not on board a ship in an unknown location with an ever-changing arrival date. Language relating to Assembly`s Privacy Policy and User Agreement: [Platform Seller] acknowledges that Assembly makes available to the [Platform Seller] services for the collection of the proceeds of the transaction (less the platform fees to be paid to the [Customer]] in respect of a transaction or transaction. By selling on www. [Customer].com agrees with [Platform Seller] that Assembly may collect personal data from [Platform Sellers] from [Customer] or the financial institution participating in the transaction in order to provide services [Platform Sellers]. If personal data is not provided, Assembly may not be able to collect the proceeds of the transaction for the [platform seller]. Assembly may transfer personal data from [platform vendors] to a service provider to verify the identity of the [platform vendor] or to enable Assembly to provide the services. Disclosure to service providers may include those who are located abroad or who may host or access your personal data abroad. The countries in which we may transfer, disclose or store personal data of the [platform seller] are the United States of America, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, the Philippines and Singapore. When information is transferred, disclosed or stored overseas, Assembly will ensure that the recipient has security systems in place to prevent misuse, loss or unauthorized disclosure in accordance with Australian law.

Assembly may also use the [platform seller`s] personal data for other purposes such as marketing and advertising for our products and services, market research and development, customer communication and surveys, direct marketing and the production of statistical information and data analysis. If [Platform Seller] wishes to opt out of direct marketing, [Platform Seller] may contact Assembly at A copy of Assembly`s Privacy Policy is available at: . . .

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