Trust Administration Services Agreement

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A partial loss of confidentiality can lead to unnecessary misunderstandings and conflicts between friends and family. An agent of the company is committed to protecting personal and financial information. As an experienced provider of fiduciary services, Trust Point takes its fiduciary responsibility very seriously and interprets the instructions of the trust agreement as closely as possible to fairness to all beneficiaries and associates. This relieves friends and family and helps maintain peace and reduce stress between all parties. Whether we work as an agent or agent for another agent of your choice, we will do everything we can to ensure that the objectives of your trust are achieved. Trustees must comply with evolving legal requirements and trust standards. Agents are legally responsible for the investment and management of a trust with grants and/or beneficiaries. Corporate trustees are well experienced in the legal nuances of a trust and help a Grand Door avoid potential pitfalls. The work of a corporate agent never dies out because of illness, a new job, a move or other common life situations. In addition, a corporate agent can offer stability and consistency from generation to generation. A corporate agent has experience in the tax aspects of a trust and can advise on inheritance, gift and estate taxes.

A corporate agent is qualified to file tax returns and files the income tax trust return for the Trust. A trust is a legal agreement in which a lessor transfers title to an agent who then manages the property for the benefit of the donor or another beneficiary. A grantor is the person who establishes the position of trust. An agent can be a person or a business. An agent holds, manages and distributes the assets to a beneficiary in accordance with the terms of the trust agreement. Trusts can be difficult to manage and take a long time. The responsibility of a company agent is to ensure that the needs of funders and beneficiaries are met. A friend or family member may not have the time to properly manage the position of trust.

A corporate trustee carefully invests trust funds for the greater benefit of a trust. A corporate agent can invest in institutional funds, while a single agent can only invest in retail bank funds. Trust Point was established more than a century ago as a fiduciary company and remains an industry leader. Our reputation is a quality service and proven results. There are several trusts to choose from.

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