Surfboard Rental Agreement

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6) When renting or using Hawaiian surfboard rentals equipment, I agree to take all responsibilities, maintain the condition and maintenance of any equipment throughout the rental period and pay any repair and/or repair costs for damage or thefts that may occur on aircraft during the rental period. If I damage a surfboard or stand up paddle board (SUP), I agree to pay damages that do not exceed $200 per surfboard or $300 per SUP. If I lose a surfboard or SUP or if I seriously damage it, I agree to pay a replacement fee that does not exceed 650 USD. Per surfboard or $900 per SUP. 1.2. Booking and payment. The tenant authorizes Quipmo to debit the amounts due as a result of the booking rental process on the tenant`s credit card or any other method of payment. Future rental fees will be processed at the time of booking. 9. Ability to participate: I declare that I am medically and physically fit and that I am able to participate in surfing and use the rental product.

I understand and accept that Torquay Surfing Academy will use this agreement to prove my ability and ability to properly use the rented product. 2) HSR LLC of any liability for property damage or personal injury suffered by third parties resulting from my participation in a class, rental or surfing event HSR LLC, and compensated for any liability; 7) If I am not present during the delivery or return of my surfboard, I am fully responsible for losses, theft or damage to the surfboard. 1. Definitions: In this agreement: Torquay Surfing Academy stands for Torquay Surfing Academy Pty Ltd, and includes, as context permits, their directors, officers, servants or agents; “claim,” any legal action, action, proceeding, claim, claim, damage, damage, cost or cost, including, but not limited to negligence; and “Hired Product” refers to surfing or other water recreational equipment that I rented at the surf school. Given participating in a surf course, rental or HSR LLC event, I have the following opinion: 3.1. usage. With the exception of retirees, no other person can drive the Gear or otherwise operate it. The tenant is prohibited from carrying passengers at any time on the Gear (except on load wheels and tandems). The tenant must not add a type of seat or change to allow someone to ride on the back wing of a rented bike, and no one can ride on the handlebars of a rented bike at any time. The tenant is prohibited from pulling or towing passengers or items with the Gear at any time (except for bicycle trailers, if the owner has authorized it).

For the rental of winter sports equipment, unless expressly stated in the rental, the tenant is responsible for the provision of boots, sticks, gloves, helmets, goggles and other necessary equipment.

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