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I generally expect the owner to pay for the deal, and let`s be honest, for $1.50, is it worth arguing about? You can buy a blank agreement from a good mail or legal stationery documents, several owners` associations have one available to members, or you can download a free framework agreement from this site (residentiallandlord.com/tenancyintro.htm). To obtain the property, your mother would have to get rid of case 1 – that the tenant has missed rent or other obligations arising from the lease. The difficulty lies in the fact that the court should consider the soil and the constraint of the property sought. If I were the tenant, I would probably feel that the second agreement reduced my rights and disrupted the silent enjoyment of the property, since if the property is now for sale, there will probably be a board to set up and I may be asked to allow visits. With my friend, I recently started a 6 month rent for an uneasy property. This afternoon, I reviewed the leases and discovered a clause stating that “if the devices provided by the owner fail, it is not their responsibility to replace/pay the device.” In the fine print, too, it was said: “Watch out. If the dwelling has electrical items such as washing machines, vacuum cleaners, tv, radios, microwaves, refrigerators/freezers, dishwashers, tumble dryers, etc., the tenant is responsible for the maintenance of these appliances and all necessary repairs to their rental contract. We have been renting in our apartment for a little over a year. The first year of short-term rent expired at the end of May. We then signed a second (new) short-term lease that will cover next year (from June 1).

I have read on your website what is called the “legal periodic lease,” but I do not know how it works or whether it is applicable or not in this situation. I have been renting my apartment for two years and my short-term rent has barely arrived, so I now have a legal periodic rent. Knowing that I will still live in the area for at least a year, I want to renew my contract and return to a guaranteed short-term lease because of the extra security it would bring. Do I have a way to do it without moving? Recently, I broke up with my partner, with whom I was not married, but with whom I had a common lease. Even though I told the landlord that I left because I was so scared, he refuses to remove my name from the lease. We`ve been waiting a few weeks for a new lease. Although the existing agreement expired, we were not affected because we thought we had a legal periodic lease until the new contract was in effect. But now the owner has changed his mind again and says he wants to offer the property again for sale. He does not want us to leave until the property is sold. The term “having the cake and eating it” comes to mind.

I think you`re connected to these tenants. Do you check the agreement – does the break clause apply to both parties, you and the tenants? Often this is only the option for tenants, but if you can break it, tell the agent that the contract will not continue after one year, unless you are convinced that the external damage will certainly be repaired before the renewal date. My partner and I have been renting a duplex for 12 months. At the end of that period, the owner pushed us to sign a contract for an additional year, so we did. Since then, however, we have had constant problems with noisy and recalcitrant neighbors. That`s why we decided to move. We got a mortgage and found a nice quiet apartment to buy. Starting in mid-July 2004, we entered into a guaranteed short-term rent for 12 months. Two months ago, the owner told us that he was selling the property when our lease ended and had it placed with a real estate agent.

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