Warranty Clause In Distribution Agreement

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10 Aggressively market the quality of price and performance of products and consult with companies before indicating prices through the resale pricing policy proposed by THE ENTREPRISES; Immediately send your written orders to COMPANY to facilitate reasonable delivery times and production schedules; Carefully perform product warranty service on customer sites; and advise ENTREPRISES in advance to represent, distribute or otherwise process competitive type equipment, product size and capacity. 8. Orders All orders placed by DISTRIBUTOR are accepted by COMPANY and are deemed accepted only when a written confirmation has been sent by LA COMPANY. 9. Delivery/Title/Loss Risk Delivery of all products ordered by DISTRIBUTOR is made from the factory. ICC. Incoterms (1993 edition) apply, unless these incoterms may be incompatible with the terms of this ACCORD. . 8 Participate as an ENTREPRISE at fairs, open houses or exhibitions in the territory. Judge appropriate to his sole discretion; and assists DISTRIBUTOR in developing and approving an annual business plan (annual business plan), including attending a meeting with DISTRIBUTOR to conduct an annual review of this annual business plan. 7.

DISTRIBUTOR ENGAGEMENTS To encourage ENTREPRISES to enter this ACCORD, and as a precondition for its continuation in force, distributor agrees that it: actively make its best efforts to promote and penetrate the market for ENTREPRISES. products on the territory; maintaining, at its own expense, appropriate premises and facilities in the territory from which products can be sold and/or maintained; Determine and execute the requirements of the annual business plan attached to PRESENT ACCORD as Appendix C and attend a mid-year meeting with COMPANY to verify that distributor is complying with this plan. 5 5. Prices and Conditions The product prices shown are exclusively national, government or local sales, uses, value-added taxes or other taxes, customs duties or similar tariffs and charges that are the responsibility of DISTRIBUTOR. In the event that the company is required to pay these taxes, taxes or fees, these items are added to the bill payable by DISTRIBUTOR. THE ENTREPRISE can adjust product prices to DISTRIBUTOR from time to time after appropriate written notification. At the time of the price change, DISTRIBUTOR provides COMPANY with a list of current courses and COMPANY protects these current courses for a period of no more than three (3) months from the effective date of the price change. All payments are made in U.S.

dollars and are made by DISTRIBUTOR no later than 30 days after receipt of the COMPANY invoice.

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