Twitch Affiliate Program Agreement

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12. Compensation. You release us and consent to ourselves and/or our subsidiaries, related companies, directors, executives, employees, representatives, successors and beneficiaries of the assignment of and against all claims or claims, damages or losses, damages, invoices, costs, expenses and other responsibilities (including, but not limited, reasonable legal fees incurred and/or necessary to successfully establish the right to compensation) resulting from (a) an act or omission on your part, including, but not limited, violations of the agreement (including your Section 7 insurance and guarantees) or the allegation or claim for negligence, strict liability, fraud; or (b) your access or use of the program. We`ll look closely at the Twitch affiliate program and all related aspects, as you`ll have all the knowledge you need to become a Twitch affiliate yourself. 7. Representations and guarantees. They ensure, guarantee and ensure that (a) you are at least 13 years old and have not previously been removed from Twitch services or that they have been prohibited from receiving Twitch services, (b) you will participate in the program in accordance with this agreement; (c) your participation in the program does not violate applicable laws, regulations, contracts, licenses, licenses, industry standards, judgments, decisions or other requirements of an applicable government authority (including all applicable communication and marketing rules); (d) you have the right and power of the company to enter into this agreement and to carry out the necessary acts; (e) your performance of this Agreement and the performance of your obligations and obligations under this Agreement do not contrafly an agreement in which you participate or to which you are bound by other means; and (f) the information you provide under the program is accurate and complete at all times. You can update your information by contacting us via the Twitch service. Hey, guys! Recently, I qualified for the affiliate program as a creative broadcaster. After reading the agreement, I noticed that the exclusivity clause seems to imply that I can`t broadcast on both YouTube and Twitch (which I usually do). Now I know creative animators who are partners, but who are still streaming on both platforms without a problem. And I guess it`s because of the content they broadcast (because it`s not the game). Does anyone know if creative content is covered by the affiliate program exclusivity clause? YouTube is also a big part of my audience and abandoning it would be less than ideal.

Frequently asked questions about the Twitch Partnership Program were answered below. We will update this section if necessary. The infographic above gives you a general overview, but we delve into the Twitch Partner program in this article. 16. Arbitration. Any disputes or claims that are somehow related to this agreement, including the terms, or your participation in the program, which is created between the parties (including the parent companies, affiliates and/or subsidiaries of the parties) is settled by a binding arbitration procedure, as described in this paragraph, and not in the courts, except that a) you can claim claims in court for low-significant claims if your rights are legitimate, and b) any party may take legal action by submitting to the courts of the aforementioned jurisdiction and renouncing that party`s respective rights to another jurisdiction.

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