Sa Trade Agreements With China

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Chinese President Xi Jinping has just returned from Brazil, where he attended the annual BRICS meeting in Brasilia. At the meeting of the presidents and prime ministers of India, Russia and South Africa, the Brasilia summit statement said that the BRICS bloc had expressed common goals of “expanding trade and innovation”. Botswana mainly exports primary products to China and imports intermediate goods and capital goods, mainly used as inputs for infrastructure development in the country. The increase in Chinese imports into Botswana`s domestic market has mainly replaced imports from other countries and Chinese exports of textiles, clothing and footwear (TCF) have gained market share thanks to Botswana`s TCF exports to the third markets, South Africa. Current bilateral trade is about $300 million per year. The People`s Republic of China supported and was closely allied with the anti-apartheid PanAfrican Congress (PAC), while the African National Congress (ANC) was supported by the Communist rival of the People`s Republic of China, the Soviet Union. [5]:178 “Of course, this is the largest economy in the world that we measure it against PPPs. In fact, in the last 500 years, until the advent of colonialism, it was the largest economy in the world,” said Mr. Patel. China was a strong supporter of the liberation movement during the anti-apartheid struggle and only established diplomatic relations when South Africa became a free and democratic nation. China is one of the great civilizations and has contributed to the progress of humanity with many great inventions, including compass, paper making and printing, paper money and for rainy days like today, I must note that it also invented the umbrella, and for the sunny weather to which we want to invite you, I am told that China invented the first sunglasses in the world. with lentils that were flat discs of smoked quartz used in the 12th century or before. It consists of an industrial park, a fully equipped country with mass infrastructure and a green meadow. “In 2018, bilateral trade between China and South Africa increased by 11.18% compared to the decline in world trade to reach $43.35 billion,” Lin said.

ESwatini is the only African country to recognize Taiwan from China and bilateral trade flows either through Taiwan or Hong Kong. The interesting thing about the statistics is that trade flows are relatively reciprocal — Africa sells to China a little less than what China sells to Africa. In 2017, Angola was the largest exporter to China, followed by South Africa and the Republic of Congo. In contrast, South Africa was the largest buyer of Chinese products, followed by Nigeria and Egypt. As you can see, China has put in place diplomatic and tax incentives to encourage African companies to trade with China, which remains a market that wants to consume.

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