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It is important to know that tenants and landlords can still get support from the Victoria Consumer Affairs and the Victoria Dispute Centre to help them get a new deal. If you are ready, contact your landlord or property manager to request a rent reduction. From the beginning of August 2020, the Singapore Revenue Control Authority (IRAS) issues a notice of cash grants and will pay the cash subsidy to property owners with legitimate tenants. The communication informs landlords of the rental waiver declarations that they should make available to their tenants. The majority of legitimate owners are expected to receive notification by mid-August 2020. Both the obligations arising from the rent reduction framework and the impact of the benefit of the property tax reduction must be met. As a general rule, the waiver of the lease as part of the rent relief (partially or otherwise) may be opposed to: (a) any payment or pre-deduction of an amount due in the lease agreement on or after February 1, 2020, but before the date of receipt of notification of the cash subsidy (b) any business that makes a payment or deduction of an amount due under the lease agreement before the date the reduction of the wealth tax for the year 2020 that the owner has transferred to the property or must pass on to the property 66. Can the tenant`s deposit be used to compensate for other rent arrears? For waiver declarations to work properly, tenants and landlords must communicate and exchange information. If necessary, tenants may be asked to provide relevant information to their landlords to prove their eligibility for additional rent relief. This may include the establishment of diplomas for the period in question or a legal declaration from the tenant stating that he meets the criteria for rent waiver declarations. (b) the exercise of the lender`s right to reinstate or expire under the lease or licence agreement; and seven. Do middle owners also receive a waiver of the lease if their tenant is a legitimate tenant? What if they don`t meet the eligibility criteria for tenant facilitation? As a general rule, landlords can deduct rent waiver returns from all financial assistance previously granted to their tenants, for example.B.: Owner A owns 3 units in a qualified commercial property valued under a property tax account.

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