California Car Sales Agreement

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The optional retraction contract allows the customer to change their mind about the purchase and return the vehicle to the dealership. California Civil Law requires that merchants who first negotiate a contract in Spanish, Chinese, Tagalog, Vietnamese or Korean must provide a translation of a contract or agreement in the language in which the agreement was negotiated before signing the English version. If it is established that a trader is violating the Civil Code, a court or arbitrator may terminate the contract. This could lead to legal action, including punitive damages and the award of legal fees. When the buyer finances, the conditional sales contract must also contain additional information that is processed in the “Truth in Credit” section. This option must be offered on all used vehicles except: the contract must include all financial aspects of the sale, including (but not limited): licensed dealers and brokers must provide the buyer with copies of the conditional sales contract in writing. , including: If possible, use bilingual documents containing both English and the other language you are negotiating.

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